Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 7 of 8. Amharic

Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 7 of 8. Amharic

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Every night, after she has finished shining, the moon comes down from the sky to play with her hawk friend Chachu and Chachu’s baby chicks. One night, the chicks are missing, so the moon goes to find them. She meets many animals in need of light, but she cannot find the chicks. Where could they be?


These two boys spend every day lying under the acacia tree watching their herds eat. One day, though, they leave the comfort of their tree trying to find vegetables. They both accidentally tumble into a deep pit of scorpions! By themselves, they are helpless, but can they get out of the ditch using teamwork?


Once in Ethiopia, there lived a painter named Pazion. He used Pencil and Rubber to draw and make the village come to life. One day, though, Pazion leaves the village and the drawing unfinished. Determined to bring the village back to life, Rubber sets out by herself. Will she be successful?


Mrs. Rabbit is a very careful animal, always looking out for her children’s safety. One day, Monkey leaves her glass bottle on the ground outside Rabbit’s house. Can Mrs. Rabbit climb the tree and find Monkey without breaking the glass and hurting her children?