Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 6 of 8. Amharic

Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 6 of 8. Amharic

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Every day, Baboon, Porcupine and Hyena try to make coffee in a kettle. And every day, that kettle flies away from them. They try so many ways to keep the kettle down, but it gets too hot every time! One day, the trio decides that instead of forcing the kettle to stay with them, they will force themselves to stay with the kettle, which leads them on a great adventure of seeing and understanding.


Every night, after she has finished shining, the moon comes down from the sky to play with her hawk friend Chachu and Chachu’s baby chicks. One night, the chicks are missing, so the moon goes to find them. She meets many animals in need of light, but she cannot find the chicks. Where could they be?


Duck is water animal, and she loves to swim and live on the lake. One day, Duck realizes that the land animals can climb on her back and use her to cross the lake and get more food. The animals use the duck every day and, soon, they become annoyed with her. The animals start calling her names and biting her. What will Duck do now?