Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 4 of 8. Amharic

Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 4 of 8. Amharic

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Civet Cat has been trying to find the source of a delightful smell for a long time. One day, Civet Cat decides that she will not be happy if she does not find the smell. She goes on a long journey from town to town, meeting new people along the way. Sometimes the smell is strong. Sometimes it is not even there. What could it be?



This story follows the old adage “you are who you are.” Leopard is the best hunter in the forest, but one day he sees a perfect, clean white cat and wants to be just like her. Leopard decides to live with Cat and tries to be just like her. Can Leopard adapt to his new life?



These two lions are best friends. They run and play every day, but today they go too far and get hungry. What do they do? They find a deer to eat! But which lion gets to eat the deer? Will their argument get in the way of their meal?