Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 2 of 8. Amharic

Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 2 of 8. Amharic

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Rediet is a fox who loves to run and play, but she especially loves butterflies. Rediet is always trying to find the most beautiful butterflies, but every time she approaches them, they fly away from her. How can Rediet convince the butterflies that she just wants to play with them?


Ms. Klipsbringer and the animals are enjoying a night by the camp fire. As the animals grow tired, they leave the area to go to sleep, forgetting to put the fire out. Soon, Klipsbringer’s woven basket catches fire, igniting the whole village! Alone, she cannot put out the fire, but with help can she do it?


Sebsebe has a beautiful horse that he loves to caress, brush and tell stories to. The horse enjoys these stories greatly and loves to be with Sebsebe. One day, though, the villagers make fun of the horse, who decides to trample everything in sight. This makes the villagers sad and Sebsebe angry. Can Sebsebe find a way to make his horse understand that this is wrong?


Shashe is a weaver spider, and she makes beautiful weavings. But in her village, all of the great weavers are men. They laugh at her because she is a female spider trying to do a male spider’s job. Shashe believes that if she can show the village her designs, they will love them, so she comes up with a secret plan. Will it work?