Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 1 of 8. Amharic

Tsehai Loves Reading. Series Pack 1 of 8. Amharic

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Hanos the bird lives in a lively village in a vineyard. The town is supported by a giant vine that the children use to send messages. Hanos, though, is very cranky and annoyed by the loud people around him, so he chops down the vine to silence them. But the vine was the source of life for the whole town, and soon the river runs dry. Now the town needs the vine, and Hanos knows he made a mistake. Can he fix the problem?


Every night, the deer Lulit sings for the other deer. It is beautiful and the whole community comes to dance, except for Lula, the shy deer. She is far too embarrassed to show her dancing to the other deer. But one day, Lula closes her eyes and starts to dance, not even noticing when the other animals all circle around to watch. How will this turn out for the shy Lula?


Silkworm is a brave, adventurous animal and he desperately wants to explore the world. All of his friends think that he is crazy to leave the top of the mountain where they live, but silkworm does anyway! A whole world awaits full of exciting things to see and new friends to make.


Have you ever wondered how the zebra came to get its stripes? This tale of friendship between a kind donkey and a snail in need will answer that question! Read about how the donkey helped the snail that was stuck under a rock and see how the snail repaid the kindness of the donkey.